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SES Diagnostics                       $90.00

Electrical System Diagnostics   $90.00

Pre-purchase Inspection           $60.00

Pre-trip Inspection                     $45.00

General Inspection                    $45.00

Diagnostic charges are not subject to change unless more time is needed to diagnose an issue. The diagnostic charge will not be waived or added to the repairs unless the vehicle can be repaired during the diagnostics procedures. Pre-Purchase Inspection charges will not be waived. Other inspection charges will be waived if repair work is done at the time of the inspection. If no repairs are done or no repairs are needed the customer is responsible for the $45 charge. We can also inspect a vehicle if we are doing other repairs at the same time at no charge to the customer.


Tire Services

General Services

Diagnostics and inspections

Tire Rotation                              $15.00

Tire Mount And Balance            $17.75 (Per Tire)

Balance                                     $5.00 (Per Tire) 

Tire Rotation And Balance        $35.00

2 Wheel Alignment                   $65.00          

4 Wheel Alignment                   $75.00

​Prices are subject to change depending on tire size and style. 

Synthetic Blend Oil Change      $35.95

Synthetic Oil Change                $52.95

Diesel Oil Change                     $99.90

Brake Fluid Flush                      $88.99

Coolant Flush                            $139.95

Coolant Drain And Fill               $65.00

Transmission Flush                   $156.00

Power Steering Flush                $84.00

A/C Service                               $90.00*

Differential Service                    $125.00

Fuel Induction Service               $85.00

​Oil change prices include a tire rotation, if no tire rotation is needed the price remains the same. We offer a brake inspection with every oil change also. Prices of services are subject to change due to quantity, or quality of fluid, and specific parts that may be needed. All prices shown are before taxes and fees are added. 

* The $90 charge is for the A/C evacuation and recharge service, not for the refrigerant needed. Refrigerant cost is $11.08 per pound which would be added at the time of service depending on the amount needed to fill the specific cars system .